Tights are the women's garment par excellence: they are sexy and sophisticated – a must-have for every woman's wardrobe. A staple for winter when you want to leave your legs showing or in more formal work occasions, tights are a truly fundamental item of clothing. Sheer, fishnet, patterned, embroidered, with polka dots or lace details, they are versatile and on trend. Tights enhance and complete your look, giving you that special touch that makes your outfit stand out. Think of a dark dress combined with a pair of coloured microfibre tights and ankle boots for an everyday look; change your tights and go for a nice fishnet or patterned design, you’ll be ready for pre-dinner drinks with your girlfriends! Calzedonia gives you a wide range of alternatives that enhance all body shapes so you can be your very best at every occasion. Want to wear a very close-fitting dress while feeling flawless? Choose from our smooth or patterned shaping tights with graduated compression on the bust and legs. The total shaper effect works on the abdomen, hips and buttocks, using a unique structure of the garment to enhance your figure and make it curvier. Do you like having a stylish look but don’t want to compromise on comfort? With Calzedonia’s over-knee-look tights, you can put together a unique outfit, simulating romantic stockings over sheer and fishnet tights. Lastly, for those special moments of every woman, Calzedonia has created Maternity tights with an anatomical abdominal insert which moulds to the shape of the abdomen, a micro-mesh bodice for added support and soft-touch fabric on the legs. Find the perfect tights for your special occasion.
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